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Do NOT convert your video tapes to DVD. DVD’s are becoming obsolete.  Prime Time Video will convert your precious home movies from videotape to digital video files. Preserve 100% of their quality to have forever.
Don’t gamble with your memories!


  • You send or drop off the videotapes ( VHS, VHS-C, 8MM, Hi-8, Digital 8, DV, DVCAM, DVCPRO).
  • We will convert the videotapes to  universal .AVI and  MP4   digital files which can play on any computer and most tablets.
  • We then transfer the digital file ( approx. 14gb per hour of video) to your Hard Drive.
  • If you do not have a portable Hard Drive, we can procure  one  for you.
  • You can then transfer the digital file to as many computers  or Hard Drives  you want for safe keeping or share for generations to come.
  • You may also copy the Digital Video to a USB flashdrive to play on most smart TVs
  • Conversions are charged per hour of recorded videotape.

Please Call or Email us for a Quote on your unique project!

Prime Time Video will duplicate your master DVD or CD using the highest quality media. Duplication includes, printing the label information directly on the disc with a clam shell case for as little as .99 cent each. Quantity pricing, customer or client supplied graphic and custom packaging available.

Videotape to Digital conversions, DVD and CD duplications are all done in our Providence studio!

Since everyone’s project is unique, give us a call or email Gary@primetimedigital.com for your quote.